You are here because either you loved Tales of SS Introduction Video or because you want to make your own introduction video or because you are bored and have nothing better to do. For all three scenarios, continue reading ‘How to Create Your Movie-esque Introduction Video’. I will explain my methodology in 5 simple steps:

  1. What do I mean by Your Introduction Video?
  2. Why does your introduction video have to be movie-esque?
  3. What will be the content of your introduction video?
  4. What skills and resources you will need?
  5. How to create your movie-esque introduction video?

Note: Aim of this post is to provide a step by step guide to the thought process of creating your introduction video rather than teaching how to use a video editing tool.

1. What do I mean by Your Introduction Video?

‘Your Introduction Video’ is NOT your introduction. It is not about what you have achieved in your life. If you are looking for something like that check out my post on ‘How to Create a Video Resume/Profile‘. ‘Your Introduction Video’ means the introduction video of your video content. This is the video that will precede any video content that you will prepare from today onward. You need an introduction video because you are trying to create your own personal brand. In case you are not aware why you should create your personal brand, google it. In case you are wondering how to create your own personal brand, read the book ‘Be Social: Building Brand YOU Online‘ by Karthik Srinivasan.

2. Why does Your Introduction Video have to be Movie-esque?

  • First impression is the last impression –  If your introduction video is ‘cool’, the viewer subconsciously feels that your content will be good 
  • A premium feel – It differentiates you from the other content creators who are in the same domain as you
  • Stickiness – It glues the viewer to your video for the required amount of time

Gluing your viewers to your video for the required amount of time is the main objective here. According to statistics, Facebook needs just 3 seconds to count it as a view. Youtube on the other hand requires an attention span of at least 30 seconds to add to the view counter. This way you can use your introduction video to amass views even if the content is not that great (but always remember, Content is King)

3. What will be the content of Your Introduction Video?

i. Length

Do you get annoyed by those 6 seconds non-skippable Youtube ads? That’s your goal. Your introduction video have to be 6 seconds or more. This is because you cannot go around changing the main introduction video again and again. Different segments can have different introductions but the main introduction video have to be constant. This way you can run an ad to increase subscribers in the future without compromising on your introduction. 

ii. Text and Image

Now lets talk about what to display. What is the first thing that you want your viewers to remember about you? Is it your face, then post your photo. Though I wouldn’t recommend it for a 7.2 roentgen or less tinder rating. If its the logo that you have created your yourself, then go for it. Or maybe you want to start with a warm greeting? I, personally, have included the name of my website/Youtube channel along with my logo. Creating your logo is fairly simple and you can check out my guide on How to Create a Logo like a Brand Manager.

iii. Music

Till now length of the video and text/image of the intro is finalized. Now is the time to face the music pick the music. Music is the expression of the soul, but you are not showcasing your soul here. You want the music to be attention grabbing. This is where one of the most famous consumer behaviour theory, Pavlovian theory, comes into the picture. Pavlov rang a bell before feeding his dog. Later whenever Pavlov rang the bell, the dog would salivate. This is what you want to do with your audience. When they hear the your intro music, they get accustomed to it. That’s why I prefer a generic music theme over a niche one. You want them to think about you when they are watching a meme at 3 am in the morning.

iv. Background Video

Length done. Text/Image done. Music done.

You have a black screen with your channel name and logo jumping at the viewers with a catchy music. But that is not all. Remember the first point of ‘Why’.

First Impression is the Last Impression

You need an awesome background video. You need a flashing design. You need your viewers to be hypnotized with your display. But you don’t know where to get them from. Leave where. You don’t even know what to get. Don’t worry. Youtube has got you covered. Simply search ‘Best Intro Video for Youtube Channel‘ and you will get countless of these. You can take inspiration for any of them as long as you have the length, text/image and music covered.

4. What Skills and Resources you will need?

i. Skills

Editing and crafting professional videos: Adobe Premiere Pro is more effective for my purpose rather than Adobe After Effects. Its has high level of customization which is lacking in Kinemaster, Movavi, etc

Understanding of digital painting, animation and graphic design to create graphics which acts as small complementary additions to the video: Adobe Photoshop (there is no other alternative)

ii. Resources

As long as resources are concerned, it is a personal journey. Though Youtube is the best free resource available. I have mentioned some of the videos that I took help from. Also there is unlimited copyright free material available, so you can be as creative as you want

I took help from countless channels but one stood out among the rest:  Adobe In A Minute

Inspiration of Logo from Logo PA

Background Video:Neon Frame

Design Transitions:Center Circle

Text Transitions:Cinematic Title

5. How to Create Your Movie-esque Intro Video

  • Pick the music: Yes! First thing you need to do is pick the music with which you want to catch the attention of your viewers. The number of attention points in the music clip will decide the next step. E.g.: Tales of SS intro video’s music have 6 attention points.
  • Insert Text and Logo: Since there were 6 attention points, I used 5 for Text (Welcome To, Tales, Of, SS, Tales of SS) and the last one for Logo.
  • Use your creativity: Insert the background video, attention grabbing designs, transitions, etc. It all depends on you how to make it look appealing. Use the above mentioned resources for inspiration.

Alternatively you can decide the number of text/images first and then pick a music with that many number of attention points. This last part is purely based on your skills on video editing tool and about ability to bring your point of view to the front.

I hope this was meaningful and added some value to you. Now you can start your journey and take that 1st step towards creating your own personal brand

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