Before we start on how you can get 10+ Tinder matches without Tinder Gold, mentally answer the following questions: Have you been seeing the below image far too often? Did countless reinstall did nothing to improve your score? Are you hooked up with right swiping every profile you see? Even Bumble, OK Cupid, Hinge, Skout, Grinder (this is a no judgement zone) failed to get you off your couch?

Tinder Swiping Experience

Get Tinder Gold you ugly duckling!

Just kidding. Here’s my Tinder profile. I know. Its 7.2 roentgen, not great, not terrible. So you definitely have a chance. In case you cannot pay for Tinder Gold (Tinder Plus is a waste and DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go for it), my methodology would’t work for you. No! You do NOT have to buy Tinder Gold, but you do have to show some cash. Here’s the latest Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscription rate:

Last image is just to show off that Tinder works for me, but then I wasn’t getting too many likes even after spending one month on Tinder Plus and another month on Tinder Gold. I did my research. My profile was verified, I had Instagram linked and even had a delicious bio. I even looked up the time slot when I should Right Swipe, Super Like, Top Picks, and also used Tinder Boost a couple of times. Now Tinder Boost works, but you need Tinder Gold i.e.: Rs 600/month and there’s no way of knowing that the person you are right swiping is verified or even “active” on Tinder. I can list down countless other issues but here comes the best part. But for the brave there are other ways of getting Tinder matches without Tinder Gold

My Methodology

My approach do NOT even need Tinder. Using my approach, you do NOT have to wait and swipe, but your interests would approach you. Remember if you are not willing to shell out at least one month of Tinder Gold worth money, then I can’t help you. But if you can, then keep reading. I got 200+ matches with a total of Rs 300 spent over 3 days.

Here is the list of things you need to get active, verified, real people to connect with you

  1. Facebook Page : I am not talking about Facebook profile, but Facebook Page. It will automatically create a Facebook Business Manger Account for you
  2. Instagram Business Account: Convert your active personal Instagram account to Instagram Business Account. Its pretty easy and you can click here to learn how to do so
  3. Facebook Ads Manager account: To run an ad campaign using your Instagram posts. You can learn how to set it up here
  4. Money: To spend on the ad campaign (see my snapshot to see how much I spent for 200+ matches)
  5. NO KNOWLEDGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: You don’t need to know anything about SEO, SEM, SMM, organic, inorganic, web crawler, CPC, CPM, etc. Its not required for our purpose

Now we can begin

First you have to be very clear about the objectives. It can either to get views on your ads and hoping that your post is so attractive that users flow to your page and like it. Or you can simply aim for Post Engagement, where Instagram ensures your post get likes. You being the Instagram account owner can see who has “liked” your post and then connect with them (follow them) and then engage with them like you would on Tinder

But how do you decide who will like your post? Well just like Tinder, using Facebook Ad Manager, you can provide the following criteria:

  1. Gender: I only focused on Females (once again. Its a no judgement zone. You can select whomever you prefer)
  2. Age Group: Same as Tinder
  3. Location: I selected a 10 mile (16 km) radius from my location. And YES. Most of the matches/likes are from within the range itself
  4. Relationship Status: Single (This is very important)
  5. Interests: I prefer my counterpart to be interested in certain activities and I picked those. I suggest you do the same (e.g: photography, novels, travelling, cooking, etc)

Here is the result of my Tinder Ad Campaign (I should have named it so)

Tinder Ad Campaign on Instagram cost
Tinder Ad Campaign on Instagram

Things you should look at:

  1. Amount Spent:
    • Rs 205.02 for 252 likes (i.e.: Rs 0.81 per like (or result)) – This is what you want and then you start following the person who likes your post
    • Rs 300 total for 6162 impression (i.e.: CPM: Rs 48.68) – This is necessary as both the above campaigns are billed based on CPM
  2. Reach :
    • Insta Test 1: It had CPM of Rs 36.05 and a good reach. My objective was to reach people and make them aware about myself, before I run my Post Engagement Campaign
    • Page Post Engagement: Out of 2,582 people only 252 liked the post, but thats a very high conversion rate of almost 10%

A few things to note:

  1. Freeze your campaign budget : I maxed my campaign budget to Rs 300 (I had experience and knew I would get desired amount of matches)
  2. Select a generic post: Do NOT run a campaign for your profile picture unless you are above 7.2 roentgen
  3. Time your campaign: Take a look at the image below to see at which hour I got the highest matches. Run your campaign for hours when Blue Matches/hour Line is above the Orange trend line (this is for Page Post Engagement). I ran the Impression (view) campaign between 9pm to 2am and you can see the stark difference in the impressions (views) of the two campaigns
Tinder Matches per hour for Instagram ad campaign
Matches per Hour for Page Post Campaign
best time to swipe right on tinder or run an ad campaign
Difference in Post Views between a fixed time campaign (Insta Test 1) and an open time campaign (Page Post Engagement)

That’s it

Now don’t be perturbed. Imagine 2 years down the line when you two are asked ‘So how did you guys meet?’, you would have an amazing story to tell. Maybe you can tell them ways of getting Tinder matches without Tinder Gold as well. Mark Zuckerberg created a Hot or Not, you can at least put this much effort!

I can use the similar model for Indian Matchmaking as well. But let’s not delve into that for now

In case of any doubts, you can reach me via my social handles. Till then, Happy Tindering

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