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Discovering OYO’s Hidden Strategy: DRHP Insights

In the OYO DRHP submitted to SEBI in September 2021, it is clearly mentioned that OYO is a technology platform, not a hotel chain. Their full-stack technology suite integrates more than 40 products and services. Let's delve into the business model, tech-products and services, target market, and current market penetration and development strategy of OYO

Digital Interventions in the Indian Logistics Industry

After analyzing the problems in the Indian logistics industry and the current market trends, the future of the Indian logistics industry is ripe for digital intervention. A few areas of focus can be: Information services: Logistics Control Tower, Analytics as a service Logistics services: Urban Logistics, Same Day Delivery Improved delivery capabilities: Drones, Autonomous Trucks, Crowdsourcing Sharing economy: Shared Transport Capacity, Shared Warehouse Agreement Unlocking value in blockchain

Formulate your own Sales Hiring Formula

Why do we need a sales hiring formula? Because no matter how good the marketing, operations, finance, and HR functions are, the organization would be bankrupt if the salespeople are not continuously bringing in the dollars. The first step of sales acceleration is creating your own sales hiring formula to select new salespersons in this competitive market.

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