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The year is 2020. Coronavirus mystery is still unsolved. Vaccines are at least half a year away. The economy is troubled with no one knowing how to tackle this situation. All leaders are hiding behind the veil of Covid19 to justify their business decision. There is uncertainty in the minds of employees about their future. With that thought in the backdrop, it’s about time everyone creates a professional resume they hopefully never have to use. An updated resume is like a condom. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it

So here’s my journey of creating this professional resume

But before you start jumping to Microsoft Word, Canva, or any other Resume Builder, you need to answer these 5 important questions (also called Frank Five Framework, coined by me just now):

  1. Who are you? – Every person has a unique journey but are you able to convey your story to others?
    “MBA graduate adept in interacting effectively with cross-functional departments to streamline operations and achieve business success in fast-paced environments, backed by superior communication and multitasking capabilities”
    Hint: Your answer must be able to be Tweeted. Long enough to cover everything, short enough to be enticing
  2. What are your soft skills? – These are elements that you take with you irrespective of the organization, role, boss, etc. This is something you can sell for a living
    • Strategic Planning
    • Primary and Secondary Research
    • Data Analysis
    • Managing Internal and External Stakeholders
    • Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions to Complex Problems
    • Liaising with CXO level executives
      Hint: This is what you are doing when no one is watching. Oh wait! That’s integrity
  3. What are your hard skills? – This is a list of all the software/programs/tools that you can operate with your eyes closed. If you can use it, you can show it. If required, mention your level of proficiency as well
    • Google Analytics/Social Media Analytics
    • Advanced Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Primavera/MS Project
    • SPSS
      Hint: Do not mention anything you are not an expert at (don’t want to do) For example I am versed in Python, Photoshop, Movavi Video Editor, Firebase, etc but I don’t want to make a living writing codes
  4. What have you done in your life? – Work Experience (full time, part time) and Education. This is going to take 60-80% of your space. If you are Experienced, then focus should be on achievements at workplace. If you are a Fresher, then achievements during college. A few pointers while trying to explain all the hard/smart work you have been doing all these years:
    • Highlight the output (increased/improved/decreased/reduced/launched/) after mentioning the input (managed/conducted/created/prepared)
    • KISS (keep it simple silly). Do not use complicated words. SAFA (Stay Away From Abbreviations)
    • Ensure chronological order with duration (either in year-month or time period)
      Hint: If you came 1st in Calligraphy in Class 4, maybe keep that to yourself. Its perfectly okay. Its not about the size of the resume but how you use it.
  5. What do you do after office hours? – Do you like going out, having a beer and watching football with your amigos? Or do you curl up on the bed and read a book? Are you a beach person or a mountain person?
    • Football Aficionado
    • Travel Enthusiast
    • Reading Novels
      Hint: If you mention Singing/Poetry/Writing, be prepared to sing/recite. I am a state level TT player, captianed my college both in MIT and SIBM but I don’t play regularly, so not in the list. I have played chess with Vishanathan Anand, but that was a long time ago, so not in the list. And NO! Smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos and masturbating do not constitute as hobbies

Note: The majority of the people are so focused on No. 4 of Frank Five Framework, that they forget that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl (this is 2020). Remember, you are not hired for what you have done, but what you can do in the future

If you have the Frank Five Framework figured out, 90% of the work is done. Now the time has come to make it beautiful and easy to read. This is also the time when you must become aware of the 90-90 rule. While it’s a software programming joke, being a Marketing MBA I am going to apply to everything under the sun that I can. It means that the first 90% of resume building account for the first 90% of the time and the remaining 10% of resume building accounts for the other 90 percent of the time

There are two options that you have and I believe you should exercise both of them. Create 1 ATS resume and one designer professional resume. Why do you ask?

  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Format – for applying to portals
  • Designer Format – for referrals and sharing via connections

In short, ATS for bots and Designer for humans

If you want to create an ATS format, it’s very easy and simple. Can be easily created in Microsoft Word. You can use the format that I have used. Click here to download ATS format resume. Since a bot will be going through it before it sees any human eye (not a very prevalent practice in India), you can have a more than 1-page resume

If you want a professional resume, I highly recommend Canva. Go to Canva -> Click on ‘Create a Design’ -> Type ‘Resume’ -> Press Enter -> Voila!!!

Pick any design that you want and start typing the Frank Five Framework that you pondered over while binging Netflix. Play around with the design, color, font, etc till you feel that your resume is a reflection of you

While the ATS/Designer formats matters, what’s more important is to have the answers to Frank Five Framework. There is a whole business where you pay money to other people to create your professional resume. After reading the above, don’t you think that you know yourself better than the people you are paying?

Also, share your draft with friends/mentors to hear their POV as well. They will provide insights that you might have skipped. I personally listened to suggestions and advice of people I trust, namely, my flatmate and his friend circle, my brother, my sister-in-law, my ex, and an old friend. I will not share the credentials of these people because they are irrelevant to your cause. Find your people and start building your own professional resume.

Once you are done with this, I highly recommend creating a video resume (much more impactful and easy to comprehend). To learn how to create a video resume, CLICK HERE. To download my resume, click here.

In case you need any assistance in answering Frank Five Framework or using Canva, feel free to reach me via my social handles.

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