I tried a John Oliver-esque approach and am planning to create a next phase of the same. Keep looking at this space for more…

I am going to explain my methodology here, in case anyone wants to create the same

PS the link for downloading the PDF Resume is also in the description of the video…

  1. Create a logo for yourself: I am not talking about the designing part. For that you can watch any of the countless available free Youtube videos. I am talking about the conception part of it. Click here to learn How To Design A Logo.
  2. Create a Script: Yeah! Write it down so that its easier to record and update subtitles. Not sure what to include in a resume? Read my detailed post on how to create a resume. To summarize, my approach is pretty simple:
    • Start with the beginning that matters, preferably times when really started taking your own decisions. It shows that you take responsibility for your actions
    • Then follow this line of code : Bachelor College – Activities you did with results – Job – Outcome of your role – Masters College – Activities you did with results – Job(s) – Outcome of your role(s)
    • Now summarize yourself as a human being and a professional, stating your soft and hard skills that have helped you grow into the being you are today
    • End the script my mentioning how you can be reached
  3. Record the video: Now it need not be a single take. Repeat your lines. Try different expressions. Add and delete content from the script. Make a 10 minute video for all I care, because we will be editing it to 3 minutes or less anyways
  4. Edit the video: This is where you have to learn how to use an editing software like “google best video editing software and download it”. Then watch tutorials on Youtube.
  5. Thats it. Editing is a software skill while creating that script and recording is something that is a soft skill. Ensure that you give enough spacing between two lines so that we can cut it to shorter time lengths as and when require (like I have done)
2 Minute Cut of the same Video Resume
1 Minute Cut of the same Video Resume

In case you need any assistance in

  1. Conceptualizing your logo
  2. Writing your script
  3. Editing your video

feel free to reach me via my social handles. I am like Hutch’s/Vodafone’s dog : Happy to Help!

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