This was pretty easy to create. I followed the tutorial which can be found here :

I was aiming for a simple design

“SS” is the acronym for Saurabh Singh (I hope you guessed that right). Font that I used is Ming (Downloaded for free via

The two letters are placed parallel to each other because it was the easiest way of making a logo and I followed the tutorial to the point. I will experiment after a bit more experimentation with Photoshop

A little bit of bevel effect brings out the 3D look along with the shadow

Green is a color that I find very soothing and relaxing for eyes. You may not feel so, but then the logo is made for me, by me and will be used by me. So your input really doesn’t matter in the long run. But feel free to express your opinion

Check out the current logo and if you want to learn how to design a logo like a brand manager, click on this line

In case of any queries, send me a message or connect via my social handles.

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