Zepto Bumrah vs Cyclone ad starkly contrasts with the campaign’s other efforts, which have been witty, innovative, and engaging. 

In the high-stakes arena of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, Zepto’s ad campaign, the brainchild of L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, led by Jasprit Bumrah is a marketing masterstroke, blending high-intensity SFX with the thrill of cricket.

The innovative approach of ‘Groceries delivered at Bumrah speed’ brilliantly mirrored Bumrah’s attributes of speed, rigor, consistency, and precision, creating a strong synergy between Zepto and Bumrah.

However, a particular ad in the series should have raised some eyebrows.

In a misdelivery in an otherwise spot-on campaign, the Zepto Bumrah vs Cyclone ad, while aiming to highlight the speed of Zepto’s delivery service, overlooked a crucial aspect – the sensitivity required when referencing natural disasters. This metaphor is tone-deaf, especially considering India’s traumatic history with cyclones.

For context, in an ICC Cricket World Cup year, the 1999 Odisha cyclone alone led to destruction amounting to $4.4 B and claimed nearly 10,000 lives. This supercyclone peaked with winds of 260 km/h, greater than the “bas 200 km/h” comment where Bumrah needs the speed to be faster.

Zepto Bumrah vs Cyclone Leela
Zepto Bumrah vs Cyclone Leela

Also, the news ticker mentions that the city is bracing for cyclone Leela, which seems like a play of words referencing cyclone Laila that hit Southern India and Sri Lanka in 2010. Maybe a slow speed of 120 km/h, which displaced nearly 280,000 people in Sri Lanka, triggered floods, delayed flights, and submerged many areas, is just not good enough for Zepto.

In a nation scarred by such memories, equating a delivery service with a force that wreaks havoc should be questionable. It’s a reminder of the thin line between creative liberty and cultural sensitivity. Brands like Zepto must navigate this landscape with care, balancing innovation with empathy.

Zepto’s collaboration with Bumrah is definitely a marketing triumph, but it should also be a lesson in the importance of contextual awareness in advertising in the ever-evolving world of marketing and branding.

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