Speech to Text” technology has been around for quite some time now. However, the way SaaS products transition from “Freemium to Premium” models seems flawed. SEO optimization can indeed attract clicks to your site, but converting those clicks into loyal users is a different ball game.

Before making a financial commitment, users need to thoroughly “test” the product. These trial runs are crucial. They help users gauge if the product fits their needs, offers customization, and has the capability to scale.

In the “Speech to Text” domain, companies like Notta, VEED.IO, HappyScribe, and Flixier have excelled in SEO. They might even offer top-notch products. However, their irrational test limits hinder users from discovering this. Each of these services imposes restrictions on product testing:

  • Notta limits users to just one test per day.
  • Veed.io, HappyScribe, and Flixier impose a time limit ranging from 4 to 10 minutes.

On the flip side, there’s AssemblyAI, a tool that stands out with its user-centric approach:

  • It imposes no limitations on the audio length.
  • The conversion accuracy is commendable.
  • It ensures user privacy by not storing the audio.
  • Users have the option to delete the transcript.
  • Impressively, all these features are available in the free version.

Given these conditions, it’s not hard to predict which tool users are likely to prefer. AssemblyAI’s generous testing conditions provide users with a comprehensive experience of the product. This approach builds trust and allows users to make an informed decision about the product.

In contrast, the restrictive testing limits of the other tools might drive potential users away, despite their SEO success and possibly excellent products. This situation highlights a crucial aspect of product marketing in the SaaS industry. It underscores the importance of aligning product accessibility with marketing efforts to convert interested visitors into paying customers.


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