“Restaurant Packing Charges” on your Zomato/Swiggy bill is unlawful.
Recently a consumer court in Gujarat has ruled that fast food chains KFC and Pizza Hut should not charge extra fees for packaging charges from consumers (1)

According to the guidelines of the Department of Consumer Affairs,
“A component is inherent in the provision of the food and beverages ordered by a customer. Pricing of the product, therefore, is expected to cover both the goods and service components.”

Basically, the price of the product or service is believed to include all operating expenses as well as profit margins in it.

In 2021, a consumer court in Hyderabad slapped a INR 50,000 fine on a restaurant for the same (2)

Also, restaurant packaging charges during takeaway are also illegal (3)

Although it is the restaurant partners who decide the packaging fee and not Zomato/Swiggy, Zomato/Swiggy should remove this option from their platforms.

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