Imagine living in the Mad Men era where you can crack open a cold one in the office. New office liquor policy in Gurgaon (Haryana) means employees can go to the office and start their day with a can of cold beer and end it with a sip of wine while attending the meetings that could have been an email.

For those who are unaware of Mad Men, it’s a TV show set in the fast-paced world of an advertising agency which vividly portrays the 1960s office drinking culture, where characters frequently engaged in daytime alcohol consumption often as a tool for socializing, networking, and coping with stress.

But sadly this new policy is only for corporates with 5000+ employees and 1 lakh-square feet office area with a 2000 square feet cafeteria.

If (hoping when) it includes smaller offices, then Gurgaon would definitely win the startup battle against Bangalore.

Haryana’s new liquor excise policy: Corporate offices in Haryana can now serve alcohol –


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