India’s spacetech startups have raised approx. $205 Mn in funding since 2014, with Chandrayan-3 using one of these startups’ tech. A list of Indian spacetech startups (Inc42) to watch for in this decade:

  1. Astrogate Labs – $200 K
  2. *Omnipresent Robot Technologies – $661 K
  3. Aadyah Aerospace – $1 Mn
  4. Kawa Space – $1.2 Mn
  5. InspeCity – $1.5 Mn
  6. Digantara – $2.5 Mn
  7. *GalaxEye Space – $4 Mn
  8. Dhruva Space – $4.1 Mn
  9. SatSure – $9.6 Mn
  10. Bellatrix Aerospace – $11.1 Mn
  11. Newspace Research & Technologies – $33 Mn
  12. Agnikul – $34.5 Mn
  13. *Skyroot – $66 Mn
  14. *Pixxel – $69 Mn

*Omnipresent’s tech is being used on Chandrayaan-3’s Pragyan Rover to map the lunar surface and enable the rover’s navigation via 3D imaging.

*GalaxEye aims to help insurance companies better scrutinise the damage from natural disasters and artificial crises on the insurance claimants

*Skyroot became the first private Indian company to launch a rocket into space on November 18, 2022

*Pixxel launched its third hyperspectral satellite, Anand, in November 2022

Post Chndrayan’s successful landing on the Dark Side of the Moon, the Indian spacetech ecosystem is bound to get a lot more interest.

Hope we get our own SpaceX soon.


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