You may have heard Recruiters on LinkedIN advising job seekers to send personalized mail to each recruiter, but do you think it is viable? Especially in a post Covid world? I do not think so. So here is a simple solution to send 50 personalized mass emails with Gmail for free

Step 1: Get a list of 100+ emails. I have some 150+ emails of HRs working in Digital Marketing firms, Advertising agencies, Public Relations companies, etc., from Delhi-NCR area. You can send me a message here and I will share it with you for free.

Step 2: Open the mass emails list in Google Spreadsheet.

Step 3: Install Mail Merge plugins. I personally prefer ‘Yet Another Mail Merge’ over others because ‘YAMM’ is simple to use and lets you send 50 free mass emails with Gmail a day, without any hint that you are sending mass emails

Step 4: Draft an email in Gmail for recruiters with your generic cover letter. To hell with recruiters who ask to draft a personalized cover letter for them. I have seen HRs who had worked in recruitment struggle for jobs. (Note: If you are a HR reading this, you know what I am talking about)

Step 5: Ensure that First Name, Last Name, Company Name is formatted in the same manner as the first row of HR List and is enclosed in “<< >>”. Formatted to the case and spacing. E.g.: <<First name>> <<Last name>> will give the result – Saurabh Singh, while <<First Name>>-<< Last name>> will give you <<First Name>>-Singh

Step 6: Save the email as a Draft. Do scan for any spelling mistake and formatting error. This is important since it will sent to a lot of HRs.

Ready to send personalized mass emails with Gmail for free?

Step 7: Go to back Google Spreadsheet. Click on Plugins -> YAMM -> Start Mail Merge

Step 8: Enter your name and select the Draft mail which you saved in Step 6. Click send, sip a cup of that coffee on your table as you watch the mass emails reach their destination

You can check the status of the mails in the Google Spreadsheet itself.

In case you need any clarity, watch the How to Send Personalized Mass Emails with Gmail for Free 5 Minute Tutorial below

For any further queries, comment below or reach me via my social handles

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