You may have heard Recruiters on LinkedIN advising job seekers to send personalized mail to each recruiter, but do you think it is viable? Especially in a post Covid world? I do not think so. So here is a simple solution to send 50 personalized mass emails with Gmail for free

Step 1: Get a list of 100+ emails. I have some 150+ emails of HRs working in Digital Marketing firms, Advertising agencies, Public Relations companies, etc., from Delhi-NCR area. You can send me a message here and I will share it with you for free.

Step 2: Open the mass emails list in Google Spreadsheet.

Step 3: Install Mail Merge plugins. I personally prefer ‘Yet Another Mail Merge’ over others because ‘YAMM’ is simple to use and lets you send 50 free mass emails with Gmail a day, without any hint that you are sending mass emails

Step 4: Draft an email in Gmail for recruiters with your generic cover letter. To hell with recruiters who ask to draft a personalized cover letter for them. I have seen HRs who had worked in recruitment struggle for jobs. (Note: If you are a HR reading this, you know what I am talking about)

Step 5: Ensure that First Name, Last Name, Company Name is formatted in the same manner as the first row of HR List and is enclosed in “<< >>”. Formatted to the case and spacing. E.g.: <<First name>> <<Last name>> will give the result – Saurabh Singh, while <<First Name>>-<< Last name>> will give you <<First Name>>-Singh

Step 6: Save the email as a Draft. Do scan for any spelling mistake and formatting error. This is important since it will sent to a lot of HRs.

Ready to send personalized mass emails with Gmail for free?

Step 7: Go to back Google Spreadsheet. Click on Plugins -> YAMM -> Start Mail Merge

Step 8: Enter your name and select the Draft mail which you saved in Step 6. Click send, sip a cup of that coffee on your table as you watch the mass emails reach their destination

You can check the status of the mails in the Google Spreadsheet itself.

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