In The Gods of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs continues the thrilling adventures of John Carter, a former Confederate soldier transported to Mars, known to its inhabitants as Barsoom. Following his previous exploits in A Princess of Mars, Carter finds himself once again battling the perils of an alien world, driven by his love for the Martian princess, Dejah Thoris. This sequel delves deeper into the exotic and dangerous landscapes of Barsoom, introducing new races, deadly creatures, and the treacherous politics of Martian society.

Comprehensive Plot Summary

As twelve years passed since his departure from Mars, John Carter’s longing to return to the Red Planet and reunite with his beloved Dejah Thoris grew stronger. One clear, cold night in March 1886, while standing on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River, he felt a familiar, strange sensation. Suddenly, the world around him dissolved, and he was hurled across the void of space, awakening on the lush, alien landscape of Mars.

Carter found himself in a dense forest, unlike any he had encountered on Mars. The trees were colossal, their branches creating a canopy far above his head. The ground was carpeted with red grass, and bizarre, colorful flowers bloomed all around. As he began to explore, he was confronted by the grotesque Plant Men—ten-foot-tall creatures with sinuous arms and gaping mouths in their palms, which they used to feed on the tender vegetation. With his Earth-born strength and quick reflexes, Carter managed to evade these monstrosities, but he was disoriented and unsure of his location on the vast Martian surface.

Pressing on, Carter soon stumbled upon a group of Tharks, the green Martian warriors he had once allied with. Among them was Tars Tarkas, the mighty Jeddak of Thark, and his old friend. Their reunion was cut short as they faced an attack by both Plant Men and the fearsome white apes, predators known for their brutal strength and ferocity. Carter and Tars Tarkas fought valiantly, cutting down their foes and proving their unmatched prowess in battle. Amidst the chaos, they discovered the treacherous Valley Dor, a place believed by Martians to be the gateway to paradise, but in reality, a deadly trap filled with monstrous creatures that preyed on the unwary pilgrims seeking eternal rest.

In the depths of the Valley Dor, Carter and Tars Tarkas encountered the Therns, a race of self-proclaimed gods who perpetuated the myth of the valley’s sanctity to maintain their power. The Therns, with their bald heads and cruel, fanatic eyes, used their religious status to control the people of Barsoom, ensuring that anyone who questioned their authority was swiftly eliminated. Captured by these deceitful beings, Carter and Tars Tarkas managed to escape, revealing the existence of another hidden race—the First Born, or Black Martians, who dwelled in the secret region of Omean, beneath the surface of Mars.

Journeying through the subterranean tunnels, Carter and his companions reached the Temple of Issus, where the goddess Issus, revered by the Therns and feared by many, held court. Issus was revealed to be a tyrant who thrived on the suffering and fear of others. Carter’s arrival ignited a rebellion among the oppressed races of Mars, challenging the cruel dominion of Issus and the Therns.

Amid these upheavals, Carter discovered that Dejah Thoris, along with Thuvia of Ptarth and Phaidor, daughter of a Thern leader, were prisoners of Issus. Driven by love and duty, Carter launched a daring rescue mission. He confronted Issus in a dramatic showdown, disrupting her reign but failing to capture her. Issus escaped, vowing vengeance, as Carter and his allies freed the captives and fanned the flames of revolt against the Therns and the First Born.

The battle intensified as Carter led a coalition of Martian races against the entrenched regimes. The green warriors of Thark, the red Martians of Helium, and other oppressed groups joined forces, inspired by Carter’s vision of a free and just Barsoom. In the heat of battle, Carter’s strategic brilliance and combat skills shone brightly. He united former enemies, turning their combined strength against the common oppressors. The skies above Mars blazed with the fires of war, and the ground shook with the clash of armies.

Despite his victories, Carter’s path was fraught with peril. The First Born, with their superior technology and ruthless tactics, proved to be formidable foes. Yet, Carter’s determination and the loyalty of his friends turned the tide. Tars Tarkas, ever the stalwart ally, fought by his side, their bond of friendship growing stronger amidst the carnage. Thuvia of Ptarth and Phaidor, initially prisoners, became fierce warriors in their own right, contributing to the cause with their bravery and cunning.

As the final battle loomed, Carter’s thoughts were ever with Dejah Thoris. His love for her fueled his every action, his every decision. He envisioned a future where they could live in peace, free from the shadows of tyranny. This vision gave him strength beyond measure, and he inspired the Martian forces with his unwavering resolve.

The climax of the conflict saw Carter leading a daring assault on the stronghold of the First Born. The battle was fierce, the outcome uncertain. Carter’s forces breached the enemy’s defenses, and in the heart of the enemy’s citadel, he faced Issus once more. The confrontation was brutal, a test of wills and strength. Issus, desperate and cornered, unleashed her fury, but Carter’s determination proved indomitable. With a final, decisive strike, he ended Issus’s reign of terror, liberating Mars from her oppressive grasp.

Victory was bittersweet. Amidst the celebrations, Carter was once again separated from Dejah Thoris, a cruel twist of fate that left him yearning. The journey had been long and arduous, filled with triumphs and sacrifices. Yet, the hope of reunion with his beloved kept his spirit alive, ready to face whatever challenges the future might hold on the ever-mysterious planet of Barsoom.

Main Characters

  • John Carter: A courageous and honorable Earthman who finds himself on Mars. His love for Dejah Thoris and sense of duty drive him through numerous perils.
  • Dejah Thoris: The beautiful and strong-willed Princess of Helium, Carter’s beloved, who becomes a central figure in the Martian conflicts.
  • Tars Tarkas: The mighty Jeddak of Thark, a green Martian warrior who becomes Carter’s steadfast ally and friend.
  • Issus: The tyrannical goddess who rules the Therns and the First Born, embodying the religious and political corruption Carter fights against.
  • Thuvia of Ptarth: A Martian princess who becomes an ally of Carter, known for her bravery and loyalty.
  • Phaidor: The daughter of a Thern leader, whose complex motivations and interactions with Carter add depth to the narrative.

Themes and Motifs

  • Colonialism and Oppression: The novel explores themes of colonialism, with the Therns and First Born exerting control over other races through deceit and religious manipulation.
  • Heroism and Sacrifice: Carter’s journey is marked by acts of bravery and self-sacrifice, highlighting the importance of courage in the face of tyranny.
  • Love and Loyalty: The bond between Carter and Dejah Thoris, as well as the friendships he forms with Martian allies, underscore the novel’s focus on loyalty and personal connections.
  • Rebellion and Freedom: The story celebrates the struggle for freedom, depicting the uprising against oppressive rulers and the quest for justice.

Writing Style and Tone

Burroughs employs a vivid and descriptive writing style, bringing the alien landscapes and exotic creatures of Mars to life with rich detail. His narrative is fast-paced and action-packed, blending elements of adventure, romance, and science fiction. The tone is heroic and optimistic, emphasizing the protagonist’s determination and resilience. Burroughs’ use of first-person narration through John Carter’s perspective allows readers to intimately experience the challenges and triumphs of the hero, creating a compelling and immersive storytelling experience.

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